Teaching English in China is one of the most amazing experiences you'll ever have.

Whether you choose to do a gap year or stay long term, you'll have a blast in China. You'll witness an incredible culture, gain valuable work experience and have the opportunity to travel across China and Asia.

We give you lots of flexibility when you apply to teach in China with us. For example, you can choose the hours you work, the type of school you teach in as well as the location you teach in.

You can also get these great benefits:

  • Generous salary
  • Free accommodation
  • Airfare reimbursement
  • Sponsored visa
  • Paid holidays.

China's education system is unique and foreign ESL teachers are welcomed with open arms.

So what are you waiting for? Apply today.

Why teach in China?

Call us biased, but we believe China is one of the best places in the world to teach English. There are plenty of reasons why people choose China as an international teaching destination. In fact, there are so many reasons we’ve created a li...

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Your choice of job in China

Teach oral English or subjects When you apply for a teaching role with us, you can choose to teach oral English or specialised subjects. If you haven’t taught English before, we recommend you teach oral English. This kind of instruction f...

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Your choice of school in China

Here are the general types of schools you can teach at in China. Kindergarten and preschool They start ’em young in China! Parents are keen to have their kids learning English from a very young age, sometimes as early as 18 months old....

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Your choice of city in China

Teach in a big or small city When you apply for a teaching position with us, you can choose to teach in a big city or a small city. In terms of population, a small city in China isn’t small by Western comparison. In fact, a small Chinese...

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Salaries and benefits in China

How much money can you earn teaching in China? Monthly salaries for foreign ESL teachers range from about 6,000 RMB to 18,000 RMB. To put things in perspective, the average Chinese wage is about 3,000 RMB a month. So even if your salary was at...

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China's education system

How does China’s education system work? Education is a fundamentally important part of Chinese society.  Chinese parents want their children to have a good education and to study hard. In fact, many parents place a lot of pressure on...

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