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Teach in China information

Want to teach overseas? Choose China!

China is home to countless schools, big classrooms and eager students!

You’ll also get to experience an incredible culture, meet new people, and have the chance to travel across Asia.

This makes teaching English in China an unforgettable adventure and great for your career.

Semester 1 starts in late August, while some schools take on TEFL teachers all year round.

You should apply for a teaching job in China now so we can help you get your visa ready in time.

Rest assured, we support you every step of the way. 

Enjoy great benefits

Depending on the school you teach at, you can enjoy:

  • Generous local salary (between RMB 6,000 and RMB 18,000 per month)
  • Airfare reimbursement on completion of contract
  • Free housing (public schools) or an allowance for housing (private institutes)
  • Airport pick-up on arrival
  • Paid holidays
  • Health insurance
  • Mandarin lessons
  • Plus much more!

With cheap transport and cheap food available, you can live like very comfortably while you teach abroad in China.

All schools in China we work with provide a sponsored Z visa (legal working visa).

Teach English in China flexibly

We have vacancies for teaching positions across China, from big cities like Beijing and Shenzhen to smaller cities in rural provinces.

We can help recommend a location if you’re unfamiliar with China.

You can teach English or subjects (if you’re qualified) to students of any age, from youngsters to adults.

Positions are available in kindergarten, primary school, high school, university and private language institutes.

And, you can work as little as 16 hours a week or as many as 38. The choice is yours!

Requirements to teach in China

You need to be a native English speaker from Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland or NZ with a bachelor’s degree and TEFL qualification.

Other eligibility requirements also apply.

You don’t need previous teaching experience and you certainly don’t need to speak Mandarin.

Friendly, personalized recruiter

We’re based in Australia and offer a personalized recruitment service.

From finding a position that suits you through to answering questions after you’ve arrived in China, we’ve got you covered.

There’s so much to gain from teaching overseas and you’ll experience it to the fullest with Hello Teacher!

Any questions? Contact us today.

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