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Travel truths: what you need to know about China


September 16, 2017

I recently came across a great blog that outlined 40 travel truths you should know by age 40. Naturally, my brain turned to ‘China mode’ and as I ran through the list I considered how each of the truths applied to China. So here are...

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What’s the best VPN for China?


September 10, 2017

As a teacher in China you want to be able to access any website you want. This ensures you’ve got the best teaching material for your classes and you can stay connected with people and events back home. However, with the Great Firewall of Ch...

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China’s new Z visa procedure - what it means for foreign teachers


September 04, 2017

Up until 2017, the procedure for getting a Z visa to teach English in China was fairly straightforward. When you applied for a vacancy, all you needed to do was submit your resume, photo, references as well as scans of your passport, degree and TE...

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Is it better to visit China’s cities or villages?


August 21, 2017

Becoming an English teacher in China is most certainly rewarding in itself. But when your feet start to explore this beautiful and diverse country it’s as though you’ve walked into multiple worlds. From towns with ancient ruins to metr...

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Why do Chinese people spit (and do other weird things)?

Daily life

August 13, 2017

I remember my first hour in China. Through immigration at Beijing Capital Airport, reunited with luggage, on the bus to the city I’d be teaching in and looking forward to sleeping off some jet lag – everything seemed pretty norm...

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