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How do you immerse yourself in Chinese culture?

Daily life

Teaching in China is not just about teaching. It’s about all the experiences you’ll have outside the classroom too. One of these experiences is soaking up the Chinese culture. As one of the world’s oldest cultures, it’s...

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7 reasons why Chinese university students cheat in exams (and how they do it)


While working in China as an English teacher, I’ve learned that some university students cheat in exams. It’s an interesting phenomenon given many Chinese universities have a no-fail policy for paid-up students. So, why would a stud...

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How to motivate your students in China

Teaching strategies

Fact: unless we’re inspired to do something, it probably won’t get done. As a TEFL teacher in China, we’re often required to not only bring an enthusiasm for teaching, but to bring enough motivation for all of our students too....

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Behavior management in Chinese universities – should you use the carrot or the stick?


Picture this scene: you’re standing in front of your university English class in China trying to explain something. Meanwhile, Adam has his head on his desk, sleeping, Sugar is playing with her mobile phone and Fiona is doing homework from a...

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Eating out in Zhenjiang


I’ve taught English in many cities in China. None have had such a wide range of eating out options that I’m currently enjoying in Zhenjiang. My campus at Jiangsu University is surrounded by an impressive range of restaurants and hawker...

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Cultural misunderstandings I’ve experienced in China

Personal stories

A lot of people talk about culture shock when coming to China. Though yes, the focus is often on us foreigners experiencing the ‘shocks’, that does not mean it doesn’t go both ways. You might be wondering, ‘what does Ni...

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91 tips for teaching English in China (a full list for the smart TEFL teacher)


You’ve probably heard a few tips when it comes to teaching English in China. “Prepare for a different culture” and “pack the right clothes”, the so-called experts tell us. These tips are neither helpful nor insight...

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Why are so many English teachers in China single?


I’ve been teaching in China for nearly six years and in that time I’ve met a great many fellow expat teachers from all over the world. Some are old, some are young and they come from different countries too. But one thing that most...

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Planning your trip to China just got a whole lot easier


Planning a trip to China is exciting. It’s home to the Great Wall, the panda sanctuary and the intriguing Terracotta Warriors. While it’s good to research the places we’ll visit before we get there, we often skip the most impo...

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7 basic, fun games to engage your Chinese students

Classroom activities

Everyone loves playing games. For young learners especially, games are a crucial part of learning a foreign language. There are many benefits to playing games in the classroom. Students become more engaged, taught content is reinforced and clas...

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