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Makeup, dresses and bras: just another day in China with your cross-dressing Chinese teacher


March 22, 2018

A new book called China In Drag, by BBC editor Michael Bristow, provides an insightful glimpse into China’s colourful history and current way of life, woven together by the adventures he shared with his cross-dressing Chinese teacher. I inte...

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How to set exams in China

Teaching strategies

March 05, 2018

China’s education system is exam-focused and even foreign teachers can’t escape having to set exams. Yet, no TEFL course to my knowledge teaches their trainees how to set and grade exams. There are many ways to set exams and hopeful...

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Teaching subjects in China

Teaching strategies

March 01, 2018

You’ve passed your TEFL course. After a period of job hunting, you get offered a job as an English teacher at a university in China. Full of excitement and enthusiasm, you fly off to the Middle Kingdom. As you wander around your new surr...

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It’s the Year of the Dog in 2018


February 08, 2018

In 2018, over a billion people in China and around the world will celebrate Year of the Dog. What is the Year of the Dog? According to the Chinese Zodiac, each new year is represented by 1 of 12 animals. This year it’s the dog. People...

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Student life in China – through the eyes of a university student


February 05, 2018

Have you ever wondered what life in China is like from a student perspective? I taught writing last semester and offered as a prize to the best student in my class, the chance to get their essays published. I have reproduced below, with permiss...

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