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12 skills you need to be a successful university teacher in China


September 12, 2018

Usually, when you enquire about a job, you are sent two documents – a person specification and a job description. The first gives you an idea of the type of person the organisation is looking for and is basically a list of attributes that th...

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What are the top 10 cities to visit in China?


September 05, 2018

What are China’s top 10 tourist cities? According to a study issued by Jiemian and Toutiao (note: sites are in Mandarin), Shanghai is one of the best places to visit in China. But it doesn’t come out on top!...

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Disastrous dating dilemmas in China (Part 2)

Personal stories

September 02, 2018

So, you want to date in China? In my last post, I looked at a great social app to meet women online, some advice on work place romance, and a key difference between Western and Chinese relationships. Today I want to discuss some of the problems...

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Disastrous dating dilemmas in China (Part 1)

Personal stories

September 01, 2018

So, you want a girlfriend in China? You’re single, and ready to mingle, as some might say. Maybe you’re a ‘rice chaser’? Or, to put it another way, perhaps you have ‘yellow fever’? Before beginning to teach i...

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7 weird things you will probably do in China

Daily life

August 14, 2018

While you’re living and teaching in China, you’ll have a lot of amazing experiences. You’ll adapt yourself to a culture that’s very different to your own, and see sites you always dreamed of seeing in real life. You’l...

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