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If you wish to be considered for a teaching position in China you must complete and submit a full and accurate application. This does not guarantee you a position.

By submitting an application, you authorize us to share your details with our recruitment partners and schools in China for the purpose of finding you a teaching position. We recommend you read our privacy policy.

If your application is successful and you sign a contract with a school, your employment contract is with the school, i.e. not us. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are 100 per cent happy with the contents of the contract. While we can continue to support you once you have signed a contract, for example answer questions about China, you are employed by the school and it is their responsibility to support you.

While we work closely with our partners in China to place you in a reputable and safe school, we do not warrant, approve or endorse any such school. We will therefore not be held responsible for any decision you make regarding choosing a school. You indemnify us from any claim, loss or liability arising directly or indirectly from your decision to sign a contract with a school.

It is free to apply for a position with us. However, you are responsible for other costs including, but not limited to, obtaining the required documentation to support your application (e.g. obtaining a copy of your degree, getting a health check, getting a criminal check), obtaining a TEFL certificate (if required), your work visa and any visa agent fees, your flights (note: most contracts include a reimbursement of the flight expense, up to a limit, at the end of your placement), and your insurance (note: although most contracts include basic medical insurance, it is your responsibility to review the need for any additional insurance).

If the school terminates your contract, we will not be liable for any loss for it.

We shall not be liable, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by Australian law, to any person for any loss or damage of any kind arising from your decision to apply for a teaching position.


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Lesson plans are generally written by existing or past teachers. If you choose to carry out a lesson plan, in part or in its entirety, you do so at your own risk.

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