Classroom facilities and equipment in China can vary greatly depending on the school.

What to expect in a public classroom in China

Public schools in China have basic classroom facilities. This means you'll have a chalkboard or whiteboard and probably a working computer, at a minimum.

Access to things like paper and colored markers is limited, so you'll really need to improvise.

Classrooms in China are still structured in the 'traditional' way. All desks face the front and none are grouped together, even in universities.

Desks are usually fixed to the ground too, making group activities quite difficult.

High school classroom in China

A typical public high school classroom in China.

If you have saved your teaching material onto a USB stick, check it works on the classroom computer a day before your classes start. If it's incompatible with the computer you'll have time to come up with a Plan B!

There may be no air-conditioning and heating in the classroom, so you'll need to dress comfortably at all times. In winter, that means lots of layers!

What to expect in a private language institute classroom in China

Private centers and language institutes in China are better equipped than public schools and universities.

You'll have access to Western-standard multimedia, games and movable seats.

In some early childhood centers, you'll even have a teaching assistant to help manage the students. This is a great benefit for ESL teachers, especially inexperienced ones.

You're likely to have heating and cool too.

Classroom in China for private students

A typical private center classroom in China.

The internet in Chinese classrooms

Most classrooms in China have internet access but the connection, particularly in public schools, may be slow or unreliable.

If you’ve prepared a lesson around something online, always have a back-up lesson ready to go in case there is a problem with the school’s internet connection.

Some final words of advice: You won't know exactly what your classrooms will look like until you arrive at your school in China.

So, before you get there don't create a semester's worth of lesson plans that rely on a particular facility or piece of equipment - unless it's a chalkboard!

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