China is one of the most exciting, bustling and ever-changing places on earth. Imagine what it's like living there! 

As a teacher in China, you’ll live in an apartment (like most Chinese people) with all the mod-cons. It’s likely to be really close to your school too. What’s more, most teaching contracts include accommodation, meaning you’ll have plenty of money to do as you please.

Chinese food is to die for. It differs depending on where you are in China, ranging from savoury breads and buns in the north to sweeter dishes in the south.

After just a few days in China, you’ll start getting used to the money and, hopefully, how to say the numbers in Mandarin. This will put you in good stead for the rest of your time in the country.

An ESL teacher will earn at least double the average Chinese salary, while some teachers will earn much more than that. This means you’ll find the cost of living to be quite low. Just remember to keep your visits to foreign fast-food places to a minimum!

You’ll find plenty of things to do in China. Local favorites include karaoke (called KTV), badminton, table tennis, dancing in the park, and of course shopping.

China is a centuries-old society and is very different to Western countries. The Chinese culture and way of life is unique. For example, family values remain rock solid while development happens at lightning speed.

You’ll enjoy a number of national holidays while teaching in China. If you choose to go sightseeing on your time off, the hard part will be deciding which beautiful place you'll visit!

When you’re traveling around this great country, you’ll get to experience the world-class bullet train system and other convenient modes of transport. And yes, there is Uber in China.

Teacher accommodation in China

What’s the accommodation like in China? Your accommodation in China will be clean and simple. As all accommodations are different, it’s difficult to generalise about what yours will look like until during the application process whe...

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Food in China

Chinese food is delicious The Chinese know how to make delicious meals. That’s because passionate cooks have been perfecting recipes for thousands of years. So whether it’s the steamed buns in Beijing or the hotpot in Chongqing, you&rs...

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Money and numbers in China

Getting to know the Chinese currency The Chinese currency is called ‘renminbi’. In Mandarin, it literally means the people’s currency. The yuan is the basic unit of the renminbi. It’s the Chinese equivalent of a dollar o...

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Cost of living in China

How much does it cost to live in China?  If your teaching contract includes accommodation, you’ll only need to worry about spending money on things like food, transport, mobile phone and social activities.  So if you eat like th...

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Leisure in China

Although much of your time in China will ultimately be spent teaching English, you’ll still have plenty of time for leisure activities. Here are some typically Chinese ones you might get into! KTV Ask any Chinese person what karaoke is...

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Holidays in China

As a foreign teacher in China, you’ll get time off during the country’s seven national holidays.  Chinese New Year and National Day are three-day celebrations, so in total you’ll have 11 days off to enjoy. Chinese office...

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Transport in China

Whether you’ve got some time to travel around China, or you just need to get from A to B, our transport guide will help. Local travel in China – subway train Many major cities in China have an efficient underground train network. Ma...

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Shopping in China

What's shopping like in China? Shopping in China can be a challenge, and you will probably find yourself making some mistakes along the way. But don’t despair – China is a fun country to shop in and the people are friendly and help...

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