Each foreign English teacher in China will have a different schedule depending on the type of school they’re placed in and the number of hours they teach.

However, to give you an idea of what you can expect, here’s an example of a typical day for a teacher working at a Chinese university.

8am - Wake up, have breakfast in the apartment (toast and juice), check personal emails that have come in overnight, get ready for the day ahead.

9.45am - Ride bicycle to first class of the day.

10am-11.45am - Teach first class (10-minute break in the middle).

12pm - Have lunch with another English teacher in the canteen, share stories about the weekend.

12.45pm-1.45pm - Cycle back to the apartment, prepare for tomorrow’s classes.

1.45pm-2pm - Cycle to second class.

2pm-3.45pm - Teach second class (10-minute break in the middle).

4pm-5.45pm - Teach third class (10-minute break in the middle).

6pm-8pm - Have dinner with foreign teachers at a nearby restaurant.

8pm-11pm - Relax in the apartment, watch some TV, go to sleep feeling rested for the next day.