Teach oral English or subjects

When you apply for a teaching role with us, you can teach oral English or specialised subjects.

If you haven’t taught English before, you will probably teach oral English. This kind of instruction focuses on students’ speaking and listening skills.

While there might be a prescribed text book, you’ll be expected to get your students speaking English as much as possible.

If you’ve got teaching experience or you’re an expert in a particular field (such as music, science or business), you can choose to teach specialised subjects in China.

Subjects like American culture and history are particularly popular. Chinese students love getting a taste of the outside world from their TEFL teachers!

Note that oral English can be taught in both public schools and private centers, while subject teaching is generally available in public schools only.

Get your choice of teaching job in China

Work part-time or full-time hours

One of the benefits of applying for a role with us is the flexibility of hours.

You can choose to have as few as 16 contact hours per week (for example, in a university) or up to 38 hours a week (for example, in a private center).

Each school has different requirements. Some even offer two options, like working 25 hours a week or 35 hours a week.

Generally the more hours you work, the higher your salary.

It’s up to you how many hours you want to work. We can help you decide if you're unsure.