As a foreign teacher in China, you get time off during the country’s seven national public holidays.

The duration of most holidays is three days or more. However, the weekend is regarded as part of the holiday so they are not as long as you think.

What are the public holidays in China in 2019?

The national public holidays for 2019 are listed below. There are also extra public holidays in China for specific social groups.

Holiday Days  2019 dates Make-up days 
New Year's Day 3 December 30 to January 1 December 29
Chinese New Year 7 February 4 to February 10 February 2 and February 3 
Qingming Festival 3 April 5 to April 7 n/a
May Day 1 May 1 n/a
Dragon Boat Festival  3 June 7 to June 9 n/a
Mid-Autumn Festival 3 September 13 to September 15  n/a
National Day 7 October 1 to October 7 September 29 and October 12 

What are make-up days?

For some holidays, there are what's known as make-up days. These are extra days (on weekends) you have to work to get the holiday.

Check with your school to find out if you need to do make-up days.

Generally, if you work Monday to Friday in the public sector you won't need to worry about make-up days.

Chinese employees have to work make-up days.

Is Christmas Day a public holiday in China?

Christmas Day is not a public holiday in mainland China.

However, some schools will give you the day off as a bonus holiday. If so, the details should be in your teaching contract with the school.

Christmas Day, and the first weekday after Christmas, are public holidays in Hong Kong.

Teachers and students celebrating Christmas in China

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