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Updated December 13, 2018
By Mike Cairnduff

Top reads 2018 - Teach English in China blog

As the year comes to a close, I thought it would be timely to look back at the most popular Teach in China blogs this year.

Some are fresh off the press in 2018, while others keep impressing readers year after year.

From why Chinese people spit and buying kitsch souvenirs in China, to getting a Z visa and weird things that can give you culture shock, here are the top reads of 2018.

Happy reading and have a wonderful new year!

#1. Why do Chinese people spit (and do other weird things)?

Spitting in China - top read of 2018

Blogger Alex asks all the intriguing questions about Chinese people: Why do they spit? Why do they check banknotes? Why do they dislike the number four? Plus many more!

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#2. The 10 tacky Chinese souvenirs you’ll probably end up buying

Souvenirs in China - top read of 2018

Let’s face it – every overseas trip means a suitcase full of questionable souvenirs to sift through when you get home. From weird t-shirts to retro Chairman Mao statues, China is renowned for having some of the most kitsch souvenirs around.

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#3. Becoming an expat in Fuzhou

Expat in Fuzhou - top read of 2018

Teacher Sarah moved from the UK to Fuzhou to teach English. Read about her preparations, the hectic start to her adventure and getting accustomed to life in eastern China.

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#4. How to write a killer lesson plan (GANAG)

GANAG lesson plan - top read of 2018

Teacher Nick swears by a lesson planning method called GANAG. Find out more about GANAG and how it can help you in the classroom – in China or anywhere in the world.

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#5. Student life in China – through the eyes of a university student

Life of a university student in China - top read of 2018

This blog was popular on Facebook, helping it to rocket up the most popular blog list of 2018. It features two short essays written by a university student studying English in China. It’s a rare and insightful look into the life of a university student in China.

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#6. China Z visa requirements and what the latest changes mean for foreign teachers

China Z visa requirements - top read of 2018

Teacher Kim examines the visa changes that came into effect last year. It’s a simple step-by-step guide to help TEFL teachers get up to speed on the correct and legal working visa for China.

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#7. What are the best apps to use in China?

Apps to use in China - top read of 2018

Chinese people love the latest technology and they use their phones for everything. As a result, there are plenty of apps that you can use while you’re in China. Whether you need help getting around, booking trips, paying for food or just communicating – here is the ultimate list of must-have apps in China.

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#8. A guide to the types of eggs that you can eat in China

Eggs you can eat in China - top read of 2018

Who would have thought that a blog on the kinds of eggs you can eat in China would be so popular? Whether you’re an avid cook, an egg connoisseur or just want to find out a little bit about yolky goodness in China, this blog is for you.

#9. What Chinese university students really want from their oral English class

What Chinese university students want from their oral English class - top read of 2018

So tell me what you want, what you really, really want! Teacher Kim conducts a classroom survey to try and find out what his university students want from their oral English class. The results may surprise you.

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#10. 7 weird things in China that gave me culture shock

China culture shock - top read of 2018

There are some weird things in China that can give the unsuspecting foreigner culture shock. Vehicles not stopping at pedestrian crossings is just one of them. I won’t reveal any more – you have to read the blog to find out!

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