Nicholas currently lives in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, teaching high school students. Originally studying editing and creative writing (before publishing jobs became rarer than hen’s teeth), he worked in various jobs from marketing and public relations, through to being an events supervisor, mental health advocate and professional blogger. One day, when his sanity had completely left him, he decided to become a teacher! He’s been working in that field ever since, first in Australian high schools and English training centres, before heading to China. He enjoys playing video games, reading crime fiction, trying to cook, keeping fit, drinking long hours into the evening, and working on his grand plan to one day marry Fan Bingbing.

How to connect with your students


Want to know how to connect with your students? Read on and I'll reveal my techniques. Sometimes, students will spend more time with you, their teacher, than they will with their parents. Teachers, after all, have a massively important role in...

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How to strike a balance between behavior management and student connections

Teaching strategies

Personally, I find behavioral management to be challenging. It’s a classroom practice I’m not particularly confident in. Though mentor teachers of mine have praised my techniques, they likewise felt concerned. Considering some of t...

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